Ann L. Fruhling, PhD

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Ann Fruhling, Ph.D., MBA is a Charles W. and Margre H. Durham Distinguished Professor of Information Science and Technology and the founding Director of the School of Interdisciplinary Informatics at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The School provides opportunities for collaboration with other disciplines through sharing curriculum and collaborative applied research. The three degrees offered by the School-- Information Assurance, Bioinformatics and IT Innovation-- all have two very important common characteristics. First, they each have interdisciplinary components in their curriculum. Second, they rely on working collaboratively with other disciplines and the community. One of the main goals of the School is to be an "IT solution finding" resource for our community partners in the areas of information assurance, healthcare, bioinformatics, public health informatics, business and government.

Dr. Fruhling's research focuses on evaluating and improving human - computer interaction efficiency and effectiveness. Since 2002, she has been the Principal Investigator of an emergency response system and bioterrorism surveillance system for public health laboratories called STATPack™ which is deployed in over 40 health laboratories across the Midwest. During her time at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Dr. Fruhling has written over 81 publications, including 21 journal articles in top journals, 3 book chapters, 7 technical papers, 47 conference proceedings, and 3 workshop papers. She has received over $8,200,000 in research-related funding, with 99 funded research projects that have supported over 80 students and 2 full-time employees.


Ph D - Management Information Systems - Strategy, Marketing, Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction
University of Nebraska at Lincoln (Lincoln, Nebraska) 2003

MBA - Master in Business Administration
University of Nebaska at Omaha (Omaha, NE) 1991

BS - Computer Information Systems
Colorado State University (Fort Collins, CO) 1983

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